Being an Asia's premier one-stop packaging shop, Starlite combines unique talents of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited quality and a world-wide distribution network for its products.
Five subsidiaries in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Shaoguan, Singapore and Malaysia deliver retail merchandises to individual and corporate customers directly.
From an offset packaging printer, Starlite Printers (Far East) has expanded into a One-stop Visual Media company, leveraging on our core competence in offset printing and packaging, and the strong network of Starlite companies.
In less than four decades, Starlite has grown from a local manufacturer into a well-diversified public-listed MNC, having strong presence in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.
The Starlite Printers (Far East) Pte Ltd business success and quality of products and services are internationally recognized.

Why Choose Us?

Starlite is committed to adopting the most advanced technology in its pre-press, press and post-press operations for continuous improvement in productivity and product quality.

Equipment and Technology

With its huge commitment to research and development, the Starlite Group continues to bring to market the latest technology solutions that fundamentally change the way printing is created and processed.

Our Services

The Starlite Innovation Centre is the product development department of the Group that allows the expert production designers and engineers in its team to work closely with their customers, focusing on design refinements, creating to price points, finding ways to cut costs, working closely with clients to produce accurate dummies, providing accurate testing and safety requirements where necessary? whilst retaining the perceived value, and generally giving the customer the advantages of combined market know-how.

Our Commitment

As our customers, you can be assured of our commitment to serve you with our best products and services.

Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy

Starlite Printers Far East Pte Ltd is committed to conducting its business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner.

We shall :

1) Advocate the relevant International and National standards, including:

ISO 9000 / ISO 14000 / People Developer / Safety and Health Programs;

2) Comply with the Laws and regulations of the country we operated in and the Starlite Code of Conduct;

3) Train our people and provide the resources to meet our social and environmental responsibility;

4) Adopt and review policies, standards and operating practices that allow for continual improvement;

All Staff are expected to support implementation of this policy in accordance with their roles and responsibilities in the organization.


Exceeding customer requirements is the underlying core value on which we have built our quality mission. We believe that quality is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction and provides the foundation for long-lasting partnerships. Our services and quality proven packaging products are safe and are achieved through many years of industry experience, a fervent compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and a mindset to continuously improve and maintain the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

SPFE adopts a Total Quality Process (TQP) approach through total participation and commitment of staff from all levels. Our quality policy and its objectives are clearly communicated throughout the organization as well as to our customers and suppliers. Our staffs are trained to spot quality shortfalls and to monitor these regularly throughout the production process. SPFE operations and processes have been built to meet different industry quality standards.

Besides being ISO 9001 certified, we have also attained the Singapore Quality Class, a recognition accorded by the Singapore government for excellent and consistent quality standards and practices.

Safety and People

Understanding that our staff is our most valuable asset, we place the greatest importance on doing our utmost to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, We have put in place, safety program and processes to ensure that these safety regulations and standards are not compromised.

In the area of staff development, we evocate training and education as proven by our certification in People Developer Standard (PD). We believe that this will not only bring value to the company but also to the society.

Regular management reviews are conducted to improve on our existing safety practices and Labor practices, as well as our compliance to the applicable standards, codes, regulations and laws in the countries in which we operate in.


SPFE recognizes and respects the planet and the delicate balance for co-existence of all natural resources. We ask all our employees to consider the short and long-term impacts to the environment in their decision-making. This can be evidently noticed through our voluntary attainment of the ISO 14001 certification. By attaining the ISO 14001 is only the beginning, We strive to continual improve through:

1. Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and others requirements.

2. Pursue prevention of pollution and resources conservation through the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

3. Review the EMS performance periodically to ensure continual improvement.

SPFE has also adopted the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) practices developed by the European Community to eradicate the use of heavy metals that are harmful to human health and the environment.