3rd December 2014, Starlite Printers (Far East) Pte Ltd is proud to be awarded a total of nine Star Awards across three arenas for the period 2014/2015. The nine awards comprises three WorldStar Awards, two AsiaStar Awards and four Singapore Packaging Star Awards. The winning entries are the Brand’s Bird’s Nest 8s CNY Pack, the Rice Dumpling Box 2014, the Ongoing Lifting Serum 30ml Box and the Tiger Radler Introduction Kit.

Star Awards 2014

The Brand’s Bird’s Nest 8s CNY Pack, a winner of three Star Awards (World, Asia and Singapore), was designed as a festive gift pack. It housed 8 bottles of bird’s nest, an auspicious number appropriate for the Chinese New Year. The box had a window at the front for the consumer to view the content, and the box may be displayed standing upright.

The Rice Dumpling Box 2014, also a winner of three Star Awards, required no gluing process. This helps to reduce resources used for the production of this box including the use of glue, manpower and electricity. The pyramidal shaped box was formed by folding a die cut sheet of paper, it is strong and has a string attached to use as a handle. The graphics design of the box is divided into 2 layers. The outer layer depicts the exterior of a dumpling with prints of bamboo leaves. As the first layer is “peeled”, messages and images printed on the second layer will be revealed. The leaves are embossed to enhance the appearance.

The Ongoing Lifting Serum 30ml Box, is a product from Vardi & Migdal. The box comprises 2 parts, a tall top and a base to house the bottle of serum. The tall cover design is adopted so that when it is removed, the serum bottle would stand out tall and sleek from the black velvet base, accentuating the appearance and importance of the serum bottle, just like a star standing on a podium.

The Tiger Radler Introduction Kit, winner of a Singapore Packaging Star Award, is created for the launch of the Tiger Radler, a new variant of Tiger’s range of light lager that includes the addition of natural lemon juice for a more refreshing flavour. To add a sense of nostalgia to the launch event, the organiser uses wooden crate to hold the bottles. In-line with the concept, this introduction box had also adopted the wooden crate design where it housed the launch media materials.